IDE Editor no longer supports block comment

The new IDE 2.0 editor no longer supports the CTL+"/" macro to comment in/out blocks of code.

It works OK here

Windows 10

Also working for me on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Which operating system are you using @rebrown21?

FYI, on a Mac, use Option-Shift-A

Thanks @esp32croft! I’m not very knowledgeable about macOS. Was the different key binding chosen due to Option + / already being used by the system? Or is that a standard macOS convention for block commenting?

I see some related discussion here (but nothing about this specific key binding):

I was recently experimenting with VSCode and Platform before I discovered this v2 IDE. It was there that I found the block comment key-combination.
My unruly complex project works fine under both versions of the Arduino IDE but I was having problems getting the code to compile under VSCode so I think I’ll stay here :confused:

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Keyboard shortcuts can now be customized by the user via the IDE's File > Advanced > Keyboard Shortcuts: