IDE not detecting Adafruit Flora


I am using a third party board (Adafruit Flora) that is supported with the Adafruit AVR Boards extension. Although, when I plug in my Flora into '/dev/cu.usbmodem1421' the IDE isn't sensing the board and isn't letting me access it in the Ports dropdown menu under Tools. It was working yesterday and today it randomly stoped sensing the board, any ideas on how to solve? I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the IDE, nothing seems to be working.

Thanks for any help!

It was working yesterday

What did you do yesterday, to destroy the Flora?

any ideas on how to solve?

Get a new Flora, and, whatever you did to destroy the current one, don't do that again.

@PaulS I connected the Flora to the Ultimate Wearable GPS Module and was collecting location data.

The green power LED still lights up when I plug in the Flora to my laptop, are you sure the only solution is replacement? Also, when I connect the GPS module it properly turns on and starts looking for a satellite fix as it should so I'm just curious what underlying circuitry would warrant replacing the device all together.

Thank for so much for the help! As a novice programmer I appreciate it a lot.