Idea for project - need guidance?

Hey guys!
Just got my arduino uno a few weeks ago and I have played around with it a bit to get into the coding and understanding. I have built myself a little car with a few servos that runs a pre-programmed script.

What I want help with is that I want to be able to controll my "arduino uno car" wirelessly via my computer (either through a http homepage or just from the computer itself).

What addons do I need and what addon is feasble since I heard a wifi module uses up alot of ram and such.

But the whole idea is that i just steer the car from a wireless interface on my computer or from a homepage by pressing "arrows" in the interface and it wirelessly transmitts my commands to the car and it moves...

Sorry if the text is a bit messy but I think you get the whole picture :).


You will can use a bluetooth module like this one here.

You can then send characters from the computer with a terminal program like Realterm or Putty.

Okey that sounds good!

What is the difference between different bluetooth modules?
I really just want one that I can just "plug and play" so to speak since I am now planning on controlling it from my Android phone most probably (I have a nexus 5).

Any suggestion on a bluetooth module that will fit what I want?
The above?
Thanks for all the help! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

What is the difference between different bluetooth modules?

Mostly the protocol, some modules are more secure than others meaning they need a password or key to access them. Others can only be paired to certain devices like the module I gave you, doesn't pair up with a IPhone, at least not easily, but it works with Android rather well. Some can transfer data faster than others and some can only transfer audio. It really depends on what you need.

But what I gave you should work fine, its what most use, myself included.