Ideas and suggestion


This is not a request for technical help
It is a request for ideas to put a birthday present to proper use.

I received a New Haven DIsplay as a birthday present.

I have put it through all the demos and sketches in the FTDI Library for the FT801 controller chip.
I am not able to test the "VIsible in Sunlight" claim given that it is winter here and gray skies for two more months.

A portable project would be difficult given the power demands of the display.
couple those with the Arduino Mega2560 the LIPO battery would be hefty.

I do not have any projects where I need something like this.

It cannot be returned nor exchanged so I am left trying to put it to some proper use.

One idea I have would be to use it with a Raspberry Pi and Piduino.

I have all ready considered sending it to a friend for her to use in one of her projects.
She would have to pay customs on it given its value. Sort of defeats the purpose of giving it to her.

I am requesting idea suggestions

Ok... I'll provide my short list if I had that display... :slight_smile:

Personal Weather Station
Home Automation
Music Control Center
Wifi controlled Thermostat
Photo Calendar with Schedules and To/Do - Shopping List

But I find the thing about having neat parts like this is that if you don't use them soon, they get outdated in less than a year.

I would definitely build something with it! Learn from the experience. Then maybe I would keep the knowledge and experience and give it away for someone else to do the same thing.

I received a New Haven DIsplay snip

Nice... might you have any use for a serial debug terminal for other projects ?

Write code to receive and display async serial data, maybe add keyboard decode to it.

If you use things like the Arduino nano (i.e. without USB) it may be really handy.

All else fails, you can always make a really fancy analog clock :slight_smile: