identify the pins of an mp3 display

Hello how are you? I wanted to know if anyone knows or could help me to use the display of an mp3 player, I'm sure they saw the player somewhere, I saw that the screen is 13 pins but 2 of those are not used and it is celigraphic "JL1412" but there is no info in google

It should be possible since I saw that with the Nokia display you can and it looks quite generic and maybe someone knows or has the data sheet

Not surprising.

Totally proprietary display, data known only to the manufacturer. :roll_eyes:

I would start with one of these cheap 8-channel, 24 MHz "logic analyzer modules:

Hook it up to 8 of the pins and see what the waveforms look like. See if you can spot a standard interface like SPI or I2C/Wire. If you find an interface, decode the interface and see what data is being passed. If you are lucky you will see some text that shows up on the screen. That would mean that lots of the brains are in the display and you just need to figure out the commands. If you don't see any text you are probably seeing raw pixels.

Good luck.

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