if I wanted to use mcufriend library on keil (STM32), would it work ?

I am learning right now keil to use with STM32, I wonder if I can just use mcufriend library there.

I see this guy

connecting mcufriend TFT using keil, I cannot figure out what kind of library he is using.

I don't know about Keil, but I have tested mcufriend ILI9341 shield on my nucleo-F446 using this library:

And arduino IDE with installed stm32 core support. Nucleo-64 has exactly the same design like UNO, so you just plugin your tft lcd shield and all done.

I had no problem to get running STM32 on arduino IDE and have the display connected. Keil is what I try to do.

But I did not have too much luck to setup timers and ADC on arduino IDE, I got those working using CubeMX and keil.

It looks like it is very easy to setup TFT using Keil as this guy shows on the video but he does not say where he got the library from.

There is a button "show more" below the video screen, it's open 3 links to the code:

  1. Source code (main.c + LCD library files + pinouts file):

  2. FSMC LCD Wiki:

  3. Convert Image to C Array online tool:

BTW, I have successfully set up ADC/ DAC / Timers within arduino IDE. ADC in conjunction with timers + DMA and in dual modes. Reach 20 MB/s using nucleo-F303 4-ADC board.

I do prefer arduino IDE, it is very simple once you learn it. I did a lot of codes I had adc, timers running on Due plus the display.

I did a lot of codes for STM32F446 on adruino IDE but I couldn't get working all, bunch of errors while compiling.
I guess some of the libraries are not compatible or something. It is over my head for now until I learn more.

The ST Core from STMicroelectronics should work fine with a Nucleo-64 F446 board. Most Arduino sketches should build and run out of the box.

If you say which Arduino library and which example, we can probably help you.

The ST Core is built on the ST HAL libraries. It should be fairly simple to run most STM32 code.

Yes, you can use MCUFRIEND_kbv with Keil. You just have to supply a delay() function.
I have posted a cut-down GFX class which does not compete with the current Adafruit_GFX library.

Do you have a full Keil licence? I only have the Evaluation version. 32kB is very restrictve for anything interesting. And if you choose the "STM32" licence it is pretty restrictive too.


Hi David I do have the licence for keil if you want it PM me and I can help you.

I do like the mcufriend library I am trying to figure out how to use it with keil. There are a few files with the extension *.h

the touch option would be the next step to get it working on keil.