I'm curious as to what the IDE source code looks like

I tried looking in GitHub but I don't really know what to look for. Curious if anyone knows and has a link. Thanks.

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yes I found that but where is the actual software that manages the screen etc. C++ code or whatever it is.

I think you need to know Processing (and Java) to understand it.

If you prefer TypeScript and JavaScript, you can take a peek at the IDE 2.x source code here:

there. all is there. the whole Arduino IDE source code. It is written in Java and uses the Java AWT GUI library

IDE 2 is just a hack of Visual Studio Code editor.

no. it only uses the same framework libraries as VS Code

TBH as soon as I tried it and saw it was VS Code in its core and then it failed multiple times with tonne of bugs, never opened it again.

Arduino IDE 2.x is based on the Eclipse Theia IDE framework, which is in turn based on the Electron framework, as is VS Code.

I was thinking it would look like the arduino stuff and then could copy the code that knows how to read, save, delete files on the Mac that runs the IDE. Back door way of learning stuff I guess. But if the whole thing is utterly something else, probably not worth it! Oh well. just a thought.

If you are interested in non-GUI aspects you might take a look at the Arduino CLI source code. I know I find that code much more approachable than either of the IDE's code:

An increasing amount of the functionality of the classic IDE is handled by Arduino CLI, and the IDE 2.x was built on top of Arduino CLI from the very start, using it for everything that is not GUI-specific.

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I will check it out, thank you.

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