IMU American Football

Hello everybody,

I thought about creating an IMU american football. I have a Nerf foam football which will perfectly do for my project, but i'm still wondering what would be the best way to tackle this project. Here's exactly what I'm trying to achieve:

Primary goal:

-Measure RPM of each throw and display it to the user.

Secondary goals:

-Measure throwing speeds -Measure distance of a throw

I have an accelerometer and a magnetometer at home which I could use.

My Question:

What would be the easiest possible way to achieve my primary goal, and possibly even my secondary goals? Do i need both the accelerometer and magnetometer, or should i get a gyro?

Do you think the arduino "millis()" will do for measuring time? The ball will have to work up to 600RPM on each throw. I prefer not to make use of a wifi or bluetooth module just yet.

Thank you for your help!

A gyroscope will get you rotation speed and and accelerometer will get you time of flight (detect throw and landing) but no combination of those, even including a magnetometer, will get you distance. You can get a rough distance with a GPS. Better would be a GPS referenced against a stationary GPS but for that you need a radio link.

First of all, thank you for your help. So with a ball that spins at a maximum of 600RPM, I would need a 3600 degree/per second gyro. Unfortunately I can only seem to find gyro breakouts that are capable of max. 2000 deg/sec. The only suitable gyro I was able to find was this one:

I have no clue how I would wire that thing up to my arduino (if even possible). Is there anybody who knows a straight forward gyro I could use for my arduino that is capable of 3600 deg/sec?

That "evaluation board" adds a lot of complexity. This is the simpler "breakout board" version:

Looks like it connects to the Arduino with your choice of I2C or SPI.

Hi John,

Does this breakout board has a "Sketch" on Arduino for it ?

Here is one on a breakout board with several other sensors for $30:

See the sketch referenced by that page.

Hi Everyone. I am also interested to buy this board ITG3701? Did you find this working and efficient? If any problems with this board and demerits, kindly let me know!

What can be other solutions as far as the implementation are to be done on Arduino?