We are doing a thing where we take a football and we make it into a game where we throw it and with our accelerometer we will make an app that makes the scores so you can tell who has the strongest arm. when you get a high score we want an rgb led to light up green so that you know when you get a high score. we are planning on doing it with a bluetooth module and an arduino nano. but as the appointed "coder" i have no idea how to code this so please help and quick!!!!!!

There are many threads with the title "HELP!!!" Check them up!

i have no idea how to code this so please help and quick!!!

If you have no programming experience this won’t be quick - it might take a few months. I suspect even a very experienced programmer would require a considerable amount of time to get it working - if it can be made to work.

If you are still interested start by writing some short programs to learn the different techniques you will need. Each program should just focus on one aspect of the project. For example

  • how to make an RGB led show different colours depending on the value in a variable.
  • how to get data from an accelerometer and make sense of it.
  • how to send and receive data using Bluteooth


There is a section here where you can hire a programmer. With enough cash, I'm sure someone will jump through hoops to help you ahead of all those who are actually making an attemp on their own.

Google can work wonders too.

Just copy Your subject line and paste it into Google. You should get lots of results.

So I understand it correctly that you want to put an accelerometer INSIDE the football? Just doing that and getting the football to fly straight is probably a Sr. R&D project in itself