Increasing the number of 5V pin output of Arduino Nano


I'm new to Arduino and the question might sound stupid to you but I'm really stuck here.
I want to connect two sensor to my Arduino Nano but Nano only has one 5v output. I bought perforated pertinax but I don't know how to connect two sensor to it.
Is there someone to show me how to do it by document, video or explaning?

Thanks a lot!

just attach multiple wires to the 5V pin going to the different devices (as long as they don't draw too much power)

you can also have 1 wire going to a Wago type of connexion and have multiple wires go from the Wago


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So can I also use the "Question Mark" on the picture as 5v output?

you can solder whatever you want on that board outside the green part. just link together with solder / wire the pads that need to be at the same potential. There is NO connexion whatsoever between the pads at the moment

Can you daisy chain the wire from sensor to sensor?

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