Induction heater with Arduino

I want to make small project using Arduino. The program idea is to heater small room (small closed box 100cm X 100cm X 100 cm) with heat rate degree/minute (how much increase in temperature in a minute). The user can input the heat rate and time, after the time is finished the heater must stop and the door of closed boxed must open.

After reading the induction heater, I get the small knowledge of how program will be, must I use driver to control with input frequency to heater. Could any one help for heater and its driver to give me up to 1000 degree.

Does this help?

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Hope you realize an induction heater won't heat air.

Your cubic meter box contains about 1.2 kg of air. The specific heat of air is about 1 kilojoule per kilogram per degree centigrade.

So 1.2 kilojoules per degree centigrade. To get from 20C to 1000C you need 980 * 1.2 = 1176 kilojoules = 327 Watt-Hours. You can get 1440 Watts from a US 15A house circuit. That's about 14 minutes of heating if there is nothing but air in the box and the side of the box are perfect insulators. I would use a 1440W electric heating element that is rated for your target temperature.

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I use air suction to remove oxygen and water vapor.
so what is the maximum and minimum power.

Ah, so it's a vacuum inside! A vacuum has no temperature because there are no molecules to embody kinetic energy.

You need to know the mass and the electrical conductivity of the metallic material you are heating. From that you can compute the power needed for the time period. You control the temperature by turning on and off the induction power.

What metallic material?

Induction heating in a vacuum is used to modify the crystaline alignment of metals without creating scale on the surface.

It's better to design hardware before trying to write software for it.

In all projects!

I used 20m ocr25al5 heating wire
to make a coil with 5mm diameter.

Why did you open a new thread on this topic?

I see no mention of using that wire in an induction heater. Besides, the resistance is WAY too high for an induction heater.

You mean this wire doesn't work with induction heater.

Can I use power control to control heat rate instead of induction heater.

Large induction heaters use copper tubing that has water flowing in the tubing for cooling. Can you confirm, again, you are designing an INDUCTION heater and not a RADIATION, IR, heater?

Yes I read about some research paper that use both radiations and inductions to generate heater.
In this project I want any simplest and robustness method to give me control with heat rate per minute . I did not want very large temperature the maximum temperature that I want is 1000 degree ?
I read about Solid state relay and triac.
Could I control Ac power by make it on and off in deferent interval?

Sorry, but when you actually decide what you are designing, I might look in again.

Thanks a lot for helping.