[info] PaperduinoLeonardo: Homemade Arduino Leonardo clone

Paperduino Leonardo : Homemade Arduino Leonardo clone (in Spanish)

Pretty cool! I don't even know the bootloader exists.

So here it is, the vinciDuino, a Leonardo clone from the vinciDuino team inspired by the paperduino with the collaboration of Inizul.

Here is the original post: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,78781.180.html

Currently only available for the vinciDuino team for beta testing.

The Leonardo clone has a clone!
As it says, the Leonardo clone has been cloned even before Leonardo has made its first appearance in society. Yep, we have found a very nice link on eBay, a seller from China of course, that has clone the good old reliable vinciDuino:


Even if the vinciDuino is not a real clone of Leonardo (mainly because it is not out there yet) this one seams to be fairly close (well almost identical to the vinciDuino)!

The only ugly thing is that they have removed the logos, the open hardware logo and the CC BY-SA license and give no credit to the source at all, but…

Any way it is cool to design a board worth cloning!