Infrared Remote Control Decoder & Switcher using Arduino

Infrared remote controllers are everywhere around us. The majority of home appliances are controlled using infrared remote controls. In this article/video, we learn to build a device that can decode (almost) any IR remote control and use the instructions to switch the relays (loads). So we can use this feature in a variety of applications without buying a new IR remote control and expensive hardware, such as turning ON/OFF the lights, opening/closing the curtains, ... etc. I have used an ATTiny85 microcontroller as the heart of the circuit. The device can record up to three IR codes in the EEPROM memory and switch 3 separate devices. Each relay can handle the currents up to 10A. The load switching mechanism (momentary ON/OFF, toggling, .. etc) can be programmed by the user.

I used Altium Designer 21.4.1 and the SamacSys component libraries (SamacSys Altium Plugin) to design the Schematic and PCB. I also used the Siglent SDS2102X Plus/SDS1104X-E to analyze the IR signals.

The device works stable and reacts well to the transmitted IR signals. So let’s get started and build this puppy!




[1]: L7805 datasheet:

[2]: TS2937CW-5.0 datasheet:

[3]: VS1838 infrared receiver module datasheet:

[4]: FDN360P datasheet:

[5]: ATTiny85-20SUR datasheet:

[6]: Si2302 datasheet:

[7]: Altium Designer electronic design CAD software:

[8]: SamacSys Altium plugin:

[9]: ATTiny85 schematic symbol, PCB footprint, 3D model:

[10]: TS2937-5.0 schematic symbol, PCB footprint, 3D model:

[11]: L7805 schematic symbol, PCB footprint, 3D model:

[12]: SI2302 schematic symbol, PCB footprint, 3D model:

[13]: FDN360P schematic symbol, PCB footprint, 3D model:

[14]: ATTinyCore:

[15]: IRRemote library:

[16]: Siglent SDS2102X Plus oscilloscope:

[17]: Siglent SDS1104X-E oscilloscope:

The analysis of the infrared signal

I see Altium mentioned several times in your presentations. Surely it is absurdly expensive for hobby developments.

You can use CircuitMaker, which is free:

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