initialization failed. Things to check

Can someone help me with SD card reading problems I'm having, its a very strange one.
I've tried to use two different SD card readers with the same results, here is whats happening.

Using the standard Cardinfo sketch I receive the following message " initialization failed. Things to check...."

by chance I accidentally pulled the Gnd wire out of the socket, when I put it in the serial screen displayed the message you should get when a successful display of the card information is presented ! but when I refresh the serial display again I Just get back to the error message. If I remove the Gnd wire and re insert it shows the correct card data !

The stand alone SD Card reader is a Catalex type, the other is part of a display + SD card unit .

I've tried 1k resistors in series but it fails to read the card in any way, the only other thing I can think of is the libraries, but I'm using the standard ones. After hours of head scratching I don't know where to try next.

I have solved my problem, I had two instances of SD.h installed on my PC, this seemed to cause problems. Deleting one instance and leaving the one in the correct location allows the sketch to load properly, I then loaded the GPS project I was trying and all is well, logging GPS data for output to Google Earth

Thanks to those that read my post :slight_smile: