installing new libraries fails

since some weeks I observe a curious effect when I want to install new libraries:

After starting the Arduino IDE 1.8.10 a small message window pops up telling that new libraries are available for installation.
After accepting new libraries the library manager window pops up listing some new updatetable libraries.
When moving the mouse to the link "More info" a list of available versions pops up. But before I can click on the latest version to install it, the content of the library manager window changes totally, and many further updatetable libraries are listed.
Now, when I move the mouse to "More info" again the list of versions pops up, but the latest version in this list is earlier than the already installed one.
This happens with all listed libraries.

What happens?
My IDE is installed on Win10 32 bit.

1.8.10 was prone to quite a few issues.

1.8.11 is now out or you could roll back to 1.8.9

Either is a viable option to see if they address your issue.