Integration of 10DOF IMU and RTK-GPS Receiver


Can u help me how to integrate my 10DOF IMU (Model GY87) and RTK-GPS receiver (Model NS-HP 1Hz)? Im using Arduino Uno Board for my processor, I have found some source which provide some code how to parse my RTK-GPS receiver NMEA data to Arduino and as well the code to parse the 10DOF IMU data. I've already manage to extract both of my sensor data to Arduino but the problem is i cant extract the data at the same time. There are two question that i want to ask.

  1. Can u help me how can i extract both of the sensor data at the same time? (the connection and the code).
  2. If there is a code for data fusion between my GPS and IMU model, can u show me? (such as Kalman Filter or something)

This is the model of my sensor: -10DOF IMU : GY87 -RTK-GPS Receiver : NS-HP 1Hz

If do u have the code, please share with me as well with their explaination. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated :)



If do u have the code, please share with me

Please share your code with us. We will have an explanation of why it doesn't work and how to fix it.

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Hello sir,

thank you for your respond.
here is my coding to extract both of my 10DOF IMU and RTK-GPS.
For IMU, the model accel-gyro is MPU6050) while magnetometer is QMC588L.
Fof RTK-GPS, the model is NS-HP 1Hz.
Here is the attachment for both code 10DOF IMU and RTK-GPS.
can you help us how to fuse the code between both of my sensor along with the wire connection? (such as kalman filter or something useful)

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated,

Thank You,


ag_and_mag.ino (7.41 KB)

SkytraqNmeaParserUno.ino (5.79 KB)

SkyTraqNmeaParser.h (11.3 KB)

SkyTraqNmeaParser.cpp (29.8 KB)

There is no connection between craft absolute orientation (derived from the IMU) and craft position (derived from the GPS), so the concept of a "fusion" or Kalman filter to combine the two makes no sense.

Please describe what you are really trying to do.

Hello sir Jremington, Thank you for your respon. Actually i wanted to combine both of GPS and IMU data to produce an output in form of coordinate so that it can accurately determine user location for both static and dynamic condition. If you can comprehend the situation, i hope you can help in my project.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thankyou.


Data from a [u]consumer grade[/u] IMU are absolutely useless for determining position. See this explanation.

GPS is your only option for position, unless you are willing to spend $10K - $50K for a navigation grade IMU.

Hello Jremington,

Actually before this project, my senior have done it which is to integrate GPS and IMU. If im not mistaken he using Extended Kalman Filter. The difference between me and him is he using only standard positioning technique (GPS) while i'm using RTK technique. The type of IMU i think still the same which is 10DOF IMU. If u got explainatio for that pls tell me, Thank you,


Then use your senior's code.

Do let us know how well it works.