Interface to PDA?

Has anyone tried talking to a PDA? I have a Palm TX and it would make a handy interface to an Arduino. I got the free Palm SDK but really would rather not have to learn yet another system just to reinvent a wheel that someone else has already built.


Has anyone tried talking to a PDA?

Yes, but I stopped doing those drugs, and the urge went away ;D

There's an app called PalmOrb that emulates a Matrix Orbital serial LCD. Lots of people use it to recycle Palms (usually older ones like the Palm III) into status displays for PCs and such. It's a serious underutilization of the Tx's capabilites, though: it was designed for the much smaller monochrome screen on the very early Palm.

I think that J2ME and friends (like SuperWaba) are available on the Tx, so you might be able to adapt some of the simpler things people have done with Processing to it, and write some apps that better utilize its graphic capabilities without learning a completely new environment.

To interface it to the Arduino, you'd probably want to do one of the "add a serial connector to a USB cradle" hacks documented on the net. Or buy a serial cradle, if you're not a cheapskate like me.