interfacing a watch alarm with arduino


I'm building a autofeeder to my pet and I need help to capture the signal from my watch buzzer so when the alarm turn on it will tor on the motor, the problem is that I tested on mu arduino but it doesn't recognise the signal from the watch, can somebody help me with this?


You don't say if the watch is still on you or if it will be placed on some sort of sensor. I would think it would be easier/more effective to just use a RTC module. If you really want to use the watch, you need to have some signal conditioning (filter etc.) looking for that particular frequency (remember all the false "operations" with the first TV remotes that used ultrasonic controls instead of the current IR remotes? Dog with collar and tags, would shake it's head and hey presto, tv would change channel, turn on/off or the volume would change :) ) Most watches couple the sound transducer to the back of the watch, so that is where you would want to have whatever sensor you are using to "listen" for the alarm.

I want to use the watch becouse its easier to change the time for the alarm, the watch use a piezo buzzer, and I want to use it’s signal to send to the arduino