iPad problems with web site

I have been having problems with the forum web site on our iPads.
One problem is the Go Down button doesn't work.
The image and url icons come up with windows where you cannot enter anything.

Anyone else having iPad problems with web site?

These problems only occur with the Chrome app not Safari.
Happens on 3 different iPads.

I have similar problems with Safari.

Sometimes cannot select text or enter text.


Well it appears the web site has made some changes within the last few weeks.
Which now has broken things in Chrome on the iPad.
Thank you.

The "Go Down" button started to work again on the iPad, something was fixed.

The img and url buttons still don't work.

[test only nothing here](http://test only)

Inserted using link icon with Safari on iPad.

I have not recently had any problems inserting URLs. (Since before previous post).



I always hold the iPad landscape, and in doing so, the url and and img windows get covered up.
In portrait they are usable.

It used to work in landscape. :frowning: