IR emitter and receiver

Any idea to do this:
With two arduinos make an IR emitter and IR receiver
bit 0 = T
bit 1 = 2T

I want to send two commands by pressing two different buttons, 18 (10010) and 19 (10011). And the other arduino is able to receive the code and do some actions as he receives a code or another


If the button is pressed, it will send a plot every 200ms


Start with an Arduino, and the tutorials. Learn how to read a button, read a voltage, blink an LED, learn the language and special features of the Arduino.

Then you will be ready to plan a more complex project.

You will get more (and quicker) help if you make it easy for members to help you. Making people download your images makes it harder. Here is a guide to how to upload images into a post.

Make sure that you test your project in a dark room, because ambient light contains IR as well.

Here is a very comprehensive Arduino example;