IR TV remote control

Hi, i have been working on my arduion tv remote control, everything runs smooth, the ir remote code from the web decodes my toshiba remote control signal without mistake, but the only problem is, that It doesn't seem to detect my Panasonic device, and I found out that the author of the code struggled with the panasonic signal, so is there any luck now?


ttttkk: so is there any luck now? THX Tom


There is 50% chance for luck

I found the best approach for this was a 'learning remote' that reads the codes then replays it. That way it will cope with pretty much anything.

Example code in Project here follow the download link for the sketches and its project 28.

Look to :

In comments you will find library for Panasonic models


It will help. On second link you have some instruction about interpenetration of incoming signals (protiop : don't delete Serial.print in loop ... without them some strange things happens)

One more silly question : how to hook up a 2 pin Ir led receiver to arduino? one pin to digital , another to Ground?