IRON MAN MOTORIZED HELMET...please someone Help! 8o

Hi everyone!

i’m a prop maker, and i’m building a replica suit of ironaman. I’m trying to motorize the faceplate and light up eyes using arduino nano, 2 servos and 6 leds ( 3xeye)

my problem is that no matter how much i read and look to the web, i’m missing the BASIC knowledge of electric circuits…

i need some good guy who can answer simple questions in order to anchieve my goal.

i found a very good ( i think) tutorial that i attach to this mail ( please note the code and schematics are NOT mine but taken from the RPF FORUM and are designed by a user called XL97)

here’s my components:

1 arduino nano v3
1 battery pack AA 7,2 volts
2 servo hitech HS 322hd
1 MOSFET STP16NF06 ( i have 5 of them)
6 leds 6 resistor
1 arduino nano screw shield
1 button on-off

the main difference i think are the numer of leds per eye ( i have 3 he has 6) and the use on a NPN transitor wich i dson’t have and i don’t know how to find it ( no serial number or specs in the tutorial )
so… can i use the same schematics and connections but using only 3 leds per eye and using 2 mosfets instead of the 2 npn transistors?

any help would be appreciated! thank you very much guys!




The NPN transitor part# was left off on purpose so people could use/find one that suits their specific application.. (voltage/current needs..etc)

that being siad I'm sure if you read the thread, you'll find several part#'s for acceptable ones.

  • the 3 vs 6 leds for the eye pcbs is irrelevant.

  • You can use a mosfet instead of transistor

  • make sure you use the correct code posted for the matching wiring diagram.. my code with my diagram.. (memebers code goes with his wiring diagram, slight differences)

**(wow.. I see lots of people downloaded my sample sketch.. there were a few.. problem with the original post is the guy who started the thread didnt know much, and claims to have provided the 'holy grail'... and now people are taking the free code/schematics and making items for sale (off other peoples hard/shared work)... not cool) :(

** You probably would have gotten a better response if posted int he general electronics or project forums.

** Crucial aspect is to ENSURE you regulating all voltages to the involved components.. (ie; +6v to servos, whatever you need for the leds, (depends on set-up)...Arudino board need to be regulated or go through the voltage regulator..etc)

What have you tried so far? What were the results? What is missing or not working?

** Why havent you posted int he original RPF forums? ahh.. I see you have and I have already helped you! lol (good job!).. next will be audio!! :)