IRremote library

Does anybody know other libraru to take control to infrared remote system without using the typical library Arduino-IRremote-master, I have been trying to use it but it keeps giving me error, It's because there is a conflict between some libraries, I have removed them accordding to some post I have read with the same trouble, but It has been useless.

I would like to use my kit but i think I should need other library, I use Arduino 1.0.6 IDE.


I ended up replacing the library with one that I downloaded from the web at

The IRRemote library that came included in the Arduino 1.6.4 would not allow any sketch that included IRremote.h to compile.

To resolve the issue, I simply moved the original library folder titled "RobotIRremote" stored at
C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries to a folder elsewhere, and replaced it with the "IRremote" library I downloaded from GitHub.

I don't honestly know if the library will work with IDE 1.0.6, though. Is there a reason you can't update to the latest release of the Arduino IDE?

What remote are you using and what IR receiver?

Adafruit has a library.

I wrote this one for NEC.