Is the PS2 wireless controller (receiver) +5V tolerant ?

Hello Everybody,

I need some help in PS2 wireless controller (receiver).
As we can see in this link (somewhere in the middle of the page), the controller need 3.3 Volt regulated power supply. (In this case coming from UNO’s 3V3 pin.)

My questions:

  1. Is the PS2 wireless controller +5V (regulated) tolerant ?
  2. How much current it drawn @ +5V or 3.3V ?
  3. Is any resistor required between the receiver (DATA, ACK, CMD etc.) and the Arduino ?

If somebody have experience, kindly share.

Thank You for Your help in advance.
Cheers !

If you hook it up as shown and use the given software it should work. You will need another power supply to give you the 7.2 to 9V power for the motors. There is an exploded diagram showing each connection and a frizzy drawing. Study it a bit and it will fall into place.

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