wireless Ps2 controlling Rc Car through arduino Uno in need of assistance

i hooked up a wireless ps2 controller up to the arduino uno… the receiver is in sync with the controller
but when i upload the ps2 library i get this reading

No controller found, check wiring, see readme.txt to enable debug. visit www.billporter.info for troubleshooting tips
Unknown Controller type

note that the wireless ps2 controller receiver has 7 pins
while the regular ps2 wired controller has 9 pins

& im not sure how to determine witch pin is witch… i know witch pin the ground an power are,
an as far as the other pins i just followed the regular ps2 controller wire schematic

Photo Booth Library.zip (934 KB)

What is in the ZIP file? People don't like opening strange ZIP files. This Simple Image Guide may help.


The only thing I can see in the zip file are four jpg photos ! No sign of any library components !

thanks for all the help