Is there an Arduino variant with BUILTIN 3G modem?

Hi There.

I'm looking for an Arduino compatible board that has a GSM chip in it (capable of at least 3G, and maybe 4G if possible) all in a board (not a GSM shield).

Like there is a Wemos board that has Wifi in a single board, or a MKRFOX1200 board that has SigFox builtin, I was looking for one with gsm BUILTIN


3G is not GSM, although many 3G modems are backward compatible (for now). GSM as such ended with 2.5G

The problem doing what you ask, is that the current modems generally support a number of 3G bands, but not all... so for example in Australia I have to deploy one version for Telstra, and Vodafone 2100, but a different modem chipset for Optus 2000/900 and Vodafone 850/900

It’s a real pain in the ass! I use SIM-5320x modems without issue.

There's a brand new Arduino board, the MKR GSM 1400:

It's currently only available for pre-order. I haven't looked at the specifics.

Check your preferred carriers, as that UBLOX modem is HSPA. I’m not sure if it supports WCDMA or UMTS which are very common in 3G territories.

Too bad the MKRGSM1400 is not on sale yet...Cause it's exactly what I was looking for (got ued to MKRFOX1200 and this boards seem handy to me)

The fact is I don't really need 3G or 4G, all I'm doing with this is IoT so basic short (several hundred byte) messages are to be sent every, for instance, 1 minute. GPRS would be fine for me.
I guess all those modules which are capable of 3G/4G variantes (LTE, HDSPA, etc) will be also capable of GPRS, right?


You should be ok
If you can’t get the board yet, buy one modem, hook it up and get your software running.
Then move across to the new board when it’s available.

If you do not need 3G, Adafruit sells a small board with a SIM800H and ATmega32u4.

If you do not need 3G, Adafruit sells a small board with a SIM800H and ATmega32u4.

Adafruit Feather 32u4 FONA : ID 3027 : $44.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Oh yeah...! This totally looks what I've been looking for!!! And ready for a 3.7LiPo and includes charging circuit!!
Absolute fit!

Thanks for the link!!