Is "Unread Posts" working for anyone?

For me it still shows less than ten of the hundreds of posts shown with the "NEW" flag.

At least "Updated Topics" works again.

I'm not sure.
Clicking that button results in some topics i've glimpsed at since the forum update, or perhaps participated in.
It doesn't do what i expect it to do, just show me topics i participated in and which have some update since i viewed it last.

I sometimes see some threads that should be in the list as it is now, but aren't.
It's really a monster to me.
So I just shrug my shoulders, and keep on wrestling, just to not miss anything and forget people waiting for an answer.

Neither "Unread Posts" nor "Updated Topics" works for me. Sometimes I will get a very few threads when I click "Unread Posts". I don't think I've had "Updated Topics" return anything except maybe "database error".

Has anyone talked with Massimo et al. about the state of the forum? After so many weeks, it's just incredible that such a travesty has been allowed to continue for so long.

Not sure and how can I detect if my PM was send and read?

Apparently I have no unread topics in the programming section which is a bit hard to believe.


I only have 3 unread post in programming section.

When I scan the various forum sections, the 'NEW' indicator appears to work for me.
If I read a thread and come back out, the 'NEW' is gone.

The forum sections also display the orange '+' if there are new posts since my last visit, then morphing to the grey '-' when there is nothing new.

With this long and on-going issue with email notification still not working, I have found a way that works for me to see un-read posts that I have marked for notification.
I go to my profile and have one browser tab opened at:

Arduino Forum

Profile of rockwallaby
Watched Topics

I just re-fresh this tab to see if any new posts have been made to any threads I am subscribed to.
I don't get any databse errors, like we did some months back.

Actually, I might end up preferring this method than to get emails that go boing on my phone in the middle of the night.


I have been "away" for a while.

When I logged in, I had 26 unread messages. (SPAM)

But now, after deleting the TWO, I don't have any more.