issue in wiring arduino Leonardo and NRF24L01+ trans-receiver module

any help please ! thanks in advance
i tried all the wiring ways that i found when searching for solution , and it didn't work !
it works with the arduino uno perfectly !
but with leonardo board it didn't !
for arduino uno i use the spi (11 12 13) ! and 8/9 for CE/CSN :!

and for leonardo i use the method above and it didn't work , i also use the ICSP headers to connect the MISO MOSI SCLK and also it didn't work ! the arduino doesn't receive nothing !

i also use the ICSP headers to connect the MISO MOSI SCLK

Which pins did you use ?

Should be 4, 1, and 3 (MOSI, MISO, SCK)

How about posting your code ?

thanks for your reply !

i use like in this picture !
and here is my code . it works well for arduino uno ! the uno receives the data and print it to serial !

#include <SPI.h>
#include <nRF24L01.h>
#include <RF24.h>
RF24 radio(7, 8);   // nRF24L01 (CE, CSN)
const byte address[6] = "00001"; // the sme address for the transmitter

struct Data_Package {
  byte jaxisX;
  byte jaxisY;
  byte jButton;
  byte button1;
  byte button2;
  byte button3;
  byte button4;
  byte button5;
  byte button6;
Data_Package data; 

void setup() {
  radio.openReadingPipe(0, address);
  radio.startListening(); //  Set the module as receiver
 // resetData();
void loop() {
  if (radio.available()) {, sizeof(Data_Package)); // Read the whole data and store it into the 'data' structure
  // Print the data in the Serial Monitor
 Serial.print("data.jaxisX ");
  Serial.print("data.jaxisY ");
  Serial.print("data.jButton ");
  Serial.print("data.button1 ");
  Serial.print("data.button2 ");
  Serial.print("data.button3 ");
  Serial.print("data.button4 ");
  Serial.print("data.button5 ");
  Serial.print("data.button6 ");
  delay(500);// to easly read the data in serial monitor