Issue with the USB serial driver - Window 10


I encountered issue with serial port when installing Arduino on my Windows 10 TV box. After successful installing Arduino IDE and plugging Nano I'm unable to connect to board. For some reason I'm unable to install driver for the USB port. I tried adding it manually by pointing to driver folder as the instruction showing but no success. Nano has been tested and working on other PC. Is this a case of no driver support for this platform?
Any tips how to make serial working. I need for my Ambibox setup.
I don't have problem with other USB devices which being recognized without any issue (keyboard, mouse, USB network card).

See below my specs.

Never mind found the solution. I had to install the below driver.

It often happens. You do some research but don't find the solution, next you post here and next you do more research and find the solution.

Congratulations and thanks for the feedback (karma added for that).


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i know how to help you i have to dowload the ch340 drive in this link CH340 Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux
it worket to me after you instaled you have just to select in the ambibox app the usb serial it worked to me

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