J1939 CAN project?

Bit of a newb here, but been playing with my adruino uno for a whlie and am having quite a lot of fun with it.

I was aproached by a freind who wants me to help him build a system that will do the following:

1, read a digital input to calculate R.P.M

2, read a separate digital signal to calculate m.p.h..

3, Generate an odometer that can be programmed and displayed

4, transmit this information to a separate controller via CAN using the J1939 protocall.

1,2 and 3 would seem to be fairly easy to implement, however suggestions are welcome. But transmitting on the J1939 protocall is a seemingly quite daunting task for a casual user like me.

I have gathered quite a bit of info on the J1939 standard, and read the specs on the CAN chip used in the CAN sheild, it would seem to me that it could be possible to do it with this hardware.

Advice? hints?

Also, this project will NOT be used on a system where a J1939 bus is being used for crititcal data transfer, rather it will be to retrofit older vehicles to utilize the same hardware for moitoring that newer, Can enabled vehicles, are using.


See this project:


It is a hardware and library for CAN communication. Unfortunately, it doesn't support extended frame (J1939 use extended frames) but the library can be modified. I was trying to do it, but it is not so simple...

Regards, Pablo

Have you gotten far with your setup? Because I have a project that requires CAN bus j1939. I have an electric motor controller with an integrated CAN bus inside an electric converted vehicle. I also have a digital dash gauge (not manufactured from car company but from a gauge company) and need to have the CAN communicate with the digital gauge. However this gauge had internal combustion engine parameters such as oil pressure, fuel , etc. what I would like to do is to trick the system by having the fuel gauge display the battery level and the engine rpm to display the electric motor controller rpm. I heard this is possible with arduino. I've purchased an arduino shield and its shipping pretty soon. Do you have any ideas as to how to do this? Any specifics would help. Thanks!