Joystick need to stop recentering

Hi. I have a query that can we just stop a 2 axis analog joystick from recentering. i mean that if i leave it in a position it doesnt automatically cone to center. just like the way a drone throttle works
pls help

if you are talking about those

I think they physically have a "spring" (or something similar) that brings them back to the center and thus the potentiometer reads the center value

Just remove the springs and they will not spring back to center when you release them. You will probably have to disassemble the joystick. If it is soldered to a board you will probably have to desolder it first.

how to disassemble a joystick?



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Usually it has a folded metal body and a plastic base. The body has tabs that are bent over to keep the base in. Unbend the tabs and the base slides out.


I am scared to try it out


Do you have more than 1 of those joysticks, if you have you may need to sacrifice one to find how to open it.

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Uhhh..... No. BTW, thanks for telling me how to do it. i will do it when i buy spare joysticks. thanks

Then you need to handle this in software. Treat the “going back to center dead zone” as an input to your position management code.

Then you remove or disable the springs and put everything back together in the reverse of the way you took it apart.

What are you scared of? Brand new replacements are only about $2 each in sets of four. Maybe someone you know has a dead game controller you can have so you can harvest one for free.

To quote Bear Grylls: "If you risk nothing, you gain nothing."

And as @johnwasser says, they are very cheap anyway. Get a 4-pack so you have some spares if/when the modification goes wrong.

I live in a place where 2 dollars = 130+ of our currency

Go to the electronics repair guy nearest you and see if you can have (or buy at a price you can afford) one or more broken joysticks or controllers to practice on.

ok. I just wanted to ask advice related to a joystick project. i will share photos when it is 11 am here in my time = GMT+5:30

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