Joystick Shield Module V1.A

I tried to identify each of the pins in this module in order to make easier the work with it.

I hope you can use it.
Technical parameters:

1, model: JoyStick shields V1
2, size: 94 * 52 mm
3, platform: the Arduino
4, function configuration is as follows:
5, PS2 game joystick (X axis A0, A1 Y axis and Z axis keys D6)
6, four separate buttons (D2, D3, D4, D5)
7, provide extended interface:
1 the I2C interface
A TTL serial port
Analog interface (A2 - A5)
Digital interface (D8 - D13)
Arduino reset button
Note: the reserved extended interface need to welding need to pin
Fully compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 interface
Rocker \ X Y output for two potentiometer, can read twist Angle by the AD conversion
Down by the rocker, can trigger light touch switch, all the way for the digital output
Four independent key, digital output, easy to use
Different models of the plate with a port configuration, convenient debugging
Reserved did not take up any other port, convenient late extension
Through the extension board can make a remote controller, combined with the XBee module can realize the wireless control
Combined with the Arduino Leonardo also can simulate a computer mouse, etc.

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How can I use the joystick with a robot arm? Is this possible?