Just trying to obtain data from serial and save as .csv file but don't know how.

Hi everyone,

I'm basically a guy trying to extract raw data from my accelerometer's analogread from serial monitor and save as .csv file.

I used Arduino IDE example ADXL3xx to obtain raw data from my accelerometer.

I know that Processing IDE is one of the software that can 'record' the raw data from accelerometer and save as .csv file.

But for a guy who sucks at programming and will literally sit in front of laptop's screen for hours, trying to solve every single programming problems but still yields no result, I seriously need help from this community.

I searched online regarding this solution, but most of the sites only partially explained or gave some of the ideas about it, under the assumption that I already knew how to use Processing IDE.

A million thanks for anyone who can save me.

Have a look at some of the free serial terminal software that is available. some of them have a feature for saving the incoming data to a file, no programming needed. I would format the data as CSV on the Arduino before sending it.

TeraTerm will save a log file, and if you use commas to separate the values in each line, it will work as a .csv file.