JY-MCU Bluetooth Issues

Greetings All!!

I'm new to Arduino, and to Bluetooth, so please be patient with me as I might not describe something correctly. I posted a comment on a different thread, but I thought I should just start a new one instead, so sorry for the re-read if you already saw this.

I am working with the JY-MCU v1.05 and an Arduino UNO, I'm using the software serial Tx/Rx to do the comms. I am having a problem with the AT commands. The JY-MCU will respond to AT, AT+PINxxxx, and AT+BAUDx. It will not respond to anything else. I cannot change the name, and it won't give me the firmware version.

I am also unable to pair with it. I've tried using an Android device to discover it and have had no luck. I will admit, shortly after I connected Vbatt+ and GND to the JY-MCU I accidentally touched it and got a nice static shock, I'm not sure if I corrupted the micro or not, perhaps that is the root of my problems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.