L293D Motor Driver Shield for Arduino

I need help for the Arduino L293D Motor Driver Shield, how much is the maximum switching frequency for this type, and if anyone have the code to get the maximum frequency that can be gotten for this type.

I didn't find its answer on Google But I, as I understood from the library, think that its maximum switching frequency is 312 kHz.


Did it occur to you to read the datasheet ?

This device is suitable for use in switching appli-
cations at frequencies up to 5 kHz.

312kHz > 5kHz

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: :-X :cold_sweat:

Thank you and I need a code for the arduino h-bridge to control the circuit switching on/off with maximum frequency I can get

Then first change from that ancient v1 to v2 of the shield.
The TB6612 mosfet drivers on the newer shield have a max switch frequency of 100kHz.


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V2 shield is a big improvement (long overdue).

...h-bridge to control the circuit switching on/off with maximum frequency I can get

Do you want to drive something else than a motor?

I will use arduino mega and h-bridge to convert dc to ac and this can be done using h-bridge shield to control the power on in different direction and I need a code for h-bridge to give maximum switching frequency

You'll have to look into changing the Arduino's PWM frequency. This can be done through direct register manipulations. At a 16 MHz Arduino the absolute maximum PWM frequency that allows for 256 levels would be 62.5 kHz. Of course in any case you're getting a block wave rather than a sine wave out of your H-bridge.

I'm sure the numbers given above are for the PWM input of the bridge - i.e. the on/off switching of the outputs. You're apparently asking about the direction input of the H-bridge, keeping it switched on at all times. That's a different story, as the H-bridge will add some dead time while switching directions as well.

But instead of this babble about "maximum switching frequency" why don't you just give the number you need for this application?

What current is needed, and what voltage?

I don’t have an exact voltage or current number, I want a code to study the effect when the frequency at its max, the maximum switching value my friend got when he measure in oscilloscope is 2.7 khz he couldn’t get more than this so I think there is a problem with his coding

Why ?

You can get a 16kHz pwm signal using the PWM Library

Forum post about PWM library

Frequency_Generator_PWM_LIB_12khz_16khz_VARIABLE.ino (442 Bytes)