L293D no power on output

Hi, I just got my L293D, I connected everything like here http://feikebrouwer.macuser.nl/L293d.PNG but with only one DC motor.

This is my test code

void setup() {

  pinMode(5, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(6, OUTPUT);


void loop() { 
  digitalWrite(5, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(6, LOW);


I checked output voltage on OUTPUT 1 and OUTPUT 2 but there is power

I have two of this L293D chips but on second chip i got the same problem

The pic has Arduino outputs on 5, 6, 9 and 10.... so if you have it wired like that you should be using 5 & 6 or 9 & 10, not 11 & 12.

Yeah, I edited it, but the problem still exists :cold_sweat:

It's a bit difficult to follow your wiring from those pics. Can you do a quick hand-drawn sketch of your wiring, exactly as you have it, including the power for the motor and the chip, and the chip enable?

edit.... you sure you have voltage on the ends of the battery wires?

Give some more information.
What motor are you (trying to be) using ?
Do you know that these 9 volt batteries really suck for powering a motor ?
Do you know the L293D can control no more that 600 mA, and that it drops (eats) about 3 volts ?

PP3-sized 9V batteries are not designed to power motors at all and may struggle
to do anything.

What voltage is the motor? What is its stall current? Do you realise that if
the motor pulls enough current to crowbar the output voltage of the 9V
battery it will pull current from the Arduino instead, probably resetting it.

Something like 4 to 6 quality NiMH rechargable AA cells are a good supply for
small 6V motors.