L293D with NodeMCU (direction only)

Hi, i just want to control two DC Motors from my L293D. I dont want to control the speed i only want to set the direction and turn on/off. Which pins of the L293D do i have to use. In all the wiring diagrams online i only find 3 wires per motor, can i reduce this or which wires do i have to use.
I wasn't even able to control the motor at all. (The L293D always puts out 0,2V)
So whats the simplest wiring for this?
(Noob) :roll_eyes:

TL/DR: For two motors you need all the wires on a 293; well almost: there are 4 grounds to choose from.

You need the enable 1,2en for outputs 1y and 2y (pin 1) and the inputs 1a and 2a (pins 2 and 7) for those outputs.

Same on the other motor, enable 3,4en (pin 9) for the outputs 3y and 4y, and their respective inputs 3a and 4a (pins 10 and 15)

Then you need both voltages applied, Vcc1 for the logic on pin 16 and Vcc2 for the motors on pin 8.

And ground.

Your lack of output may be due to the lack of logic voltage, or perhaps you left off the enables?

Thanks, works find, but when i connect the motor (a little 5V DC-Motor) the voltage drops to 1V And the motor doesnt work. Do i need another Motor-driver, is there any workaround or is my L293D broken?

How are you powering it? It sounds like you are under-powering the motor and when you try to turn it on the voltage sags.

I'm using a 3,7V 4100mAh Lithium battery with a 5V regulator, but i tried using a USB Wall plug with 1A, didnt work

I’m using a 3,7V 4100mAh Lithium battery with a 5V regulator, but i tried using a USB Wall plug with 1A, didnt work

Is that going directly to the motor driver or are you pulling it through the Node?

The NodeMCU and the l293d logic and motor input are hooked up parallel to the battery

Time to post a circuit diagram I think.

Here we go:

OP's pic. (OP see here for how to bring attachment into the post.)

The L293D drops 2.5V or so - so your 3.7V battery is actually being completely wasted, the motor
gets a volt if that.

You must use a MOSFET H-bridge for low voltage supply like that, but most MOSFET H-bridges require
more voltage for the gate drive, so you need to find one designed for single LiPo use. The DRV8833 is
one MOSFET H-bridge chip that can handle low voltages:

The L293D and similar darlington drivers are best used on high voltage motors (12, 18, 24, 36V)
where the voltage drop is less of an issues. For 3.7V its simply the wrong device.

Can't see too well but seems there's a white wire to pin 1?

Presumably pin1 is high to enable, and pins 2 and 7 are opposite to each other for direction?

I should have asked for the code too...

(Also the 293 drops 2V or so always, so you will have 3V max or so, but that doesn't explain your 0.2V)

so your 3.7V battery

He says it's stepped up to 5V, but 5's not brilliant either since he's left with 2.5 to 3V

The problem cant be in the NodeMCU part seince i’ve already tried it by directly hooking up the enable and one of the direction pins to the +5V ray.
Also the motor itself works with both power supplys so i dont think its a problem with the current

u got sum advice?