L298P ------ help me


I have an arduino sheild “L298P” with UNO

problem1 ; I can’t find datasheet of this shield to write my code,
which of the pin is inputs and enable ,

problem2 ; It seems that no one using this shield to help me for writting COD

I attached the pics of L298P shield
tnx for your attention

A better and clear picture of it, looking straight down at the board, would be very, very useful. That, and/or a link or something to the vendor, manufacturer, etc.

Is this the shield? It looks close, anyhow:


According to that page, the pins are:

Function Channel A Pin Channel B Pin
Direction D12 D13
PWM (speed) D10 D11
Buzzer D4 D4

It appears that the servos are connected to each analog pin; no idea of other functionality, but if you can post those pictures, it would probably help.