Labview Interface for Arduino Yun

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to make an labview interface with my yun but when i’m compiling and uploading files from LIFA_Bases, the software display this message “ship unsupported”. So I wonder, is it possible to do the same interface with an Arduino yun and leandro? A lot of tutoriels show examples with uno.


Stéphane SYLVAIN
Student at the ENSEA school.

ensea2017: the software display this message "ship unsupported".

I am not familiar with the software you mention, but that sounds like an unusual message - what kind of "ship" could it be? It makes no sense. Please copy and paste the complete error message - the exact details make a big difference, too much important information is lost when the error message is paraphrased.

There are many people who have connected to LabView with a Yun. There are many possibilities: more detail is needed, like how you,want to communicate, and any special requirements that are in your assignment (this is a school assignment, right?)

Here the photo. I tried to upload the program located in the LIFA_bases’s folder. LIFA_bases is supplied by the add on “Labview interface for Arduino”. I think the the program is not for the yun. I join a picture with the text. Maybe i should use LINX .

Yes this is for our study project. It's the first time me and my collegue are using Arduino. We have to make an Interface in order to drive a little remote-controlled car on test bench. It's amazing.

ensea2017: Here the photo. I tried to upload the program located in the LIFA_bases's folder. LIFA_bases is supplied by the add on "Labview interface for Arduino". I think the the program is not for the yun.

Yes, based on the code visible in the screen shot you provided, it looks like the Yun's ATmega32U4 processor is not supported by this code. There are a variety of of processors listed, with the ATmega328P being the processor in the Uno and many similar boards, and the ATmega2560 being the processor in the larger Mega 2560 board.

If you want to use that code, and you don't need the special abilities of the Yun, you may be better off using one of those natively supported boards.

Maybe i should use LINX.

It all depends on how you want to talk to LabView: If you want to use the microUSB serial device port, that is connected to the '32U4 processor, not the Linux processor. If you still want to use serial from the Linux side, you run into the problem that the Linux side USB port is a host port, and cannot plug in directly to a computer's host USB port. You would need some sort of special adapter, maybe two USB to serial adapters with the serial sides cross-connected?

Most people who are interfacing a Yun to LabView use a TCP/IP socket connection over the network. If you want to use the network, it may make sense to do that on the Linux side, with LabView interface code designed to run on Linux. But the problem there is that any sensors you want to access would be controlled by the sketch running on the '32U4 side, and you would have to come up with a way to send that data over to the Linux processor, probably using the Bridge library.

I think that most students who are interfacing a Yun to LabView are using the sketch to collect the data from the sensors, and then using YunServer and/or YunClient objects to make a TCP/IP socket connection directly from the sketch. This still goes through the Linux side using the Bridge library, but it doesn't require any specific programming on the Linux side.

Good luck with your project, it sounds interesting. If you want to use the Yun instead of some other Arduino board, you need to research examples that are written specifically for the Yun - while the hardware that runs the sketch is very similar to the Leonardo (another ATmega32U4 board which does not appear to be supported by your software) the networking is quite unlike any other Arduino board.

If you really want to use the LIFA_Base software with the Yun (perhaps you want to talk to LabView using the USB serial port, but want the networking and Linux abilities for some other feature of your project) then you need to look for a version of that software that works with the Yun, Leonardo, or Micro, or you need to update that LIFA_Base code to work with the '32U4 processor (a daunting task if this is your first exposure to Arduino programming.)

Oh I mean LINX a labview's add-on like labview interface for Arduino. For the bench test, we'll use a serial port but drivers are available for interfacing with labview and other softwares.

You right, we have to establish a wireless connection since it's more useful and cool. We plan to built a webpage which displays somes graphs because we want to follow sensors from a mobile phone. We 'll look after TCP/IP protocole. Thanks you.