Large 16x2 HD44780 LCD display.


I've been using one of the most basic LCD displays Basic 16x2 Character LCD - White on Black 5V - LCD-00709 - SparkFun Electronics.

It works fine, but I'd like to replace it with something bigger - by which I mean physically larger characters for someone with poor eyesight. I'd like something that's electrically identical, I'm hoping not to have to change any software or wiring. Any suggestions? I've found a couple of references to larger versions online, but haven't found anywhere that actually sell thems


Larger - by what factor ?

I'm hoping not to have to change any software or wiring.

I think your chances are zilch.

I explored this this so I could read data while under the shower and without glasses

The options were

  1. Use a 4x7 display. Mine has 20mm characters. You can get then a lot bigger.

  2. Use a larger LCD graphic display. The can have fonts of varying sizes.

  3. You might find the Nokia 5110 OK. I isn't big but it is a graphic display and can show large characters

  4. Adapt a 16x2 to give double height display

Larger - by what factor ?

The sparkfun module has a character size of approximately 3 x 5 mm (according to the datasheet). Anything bigger would be good.

I have found mention of other similar screens with character sizes of 5 x 10 mm, these use the same driver/interface chip, and appear to have the same wiring layout. The problem is that although I've found a partial spec. the only model number I've found is "1602M" and I can't find anywhere that actually sells them!

I was hoping to avoid the need to re-code my project or re-build my hardware, but it looks like my only option may be to re-design the whole thing with a completely different screen.


You only have to redesign the the commands to send the data to the screen. That might not actually amount to much as one LCD display command is much like another.