Laser Diode control using Arduino

Hey Guys,

Hi, I am currently bought this laser E7480 Laser Head 12V 5A and I don't have a PWM controller but I have a Power Supply Step Down which converts from 220V to 12V 30A.

I bought the same laser and I wanted to control it without the PWM controller, can I control it using an Arduino

Will this Wiring work? where the green cable goes into the Arduino port

No! You also need the black wire to go to the Arduino ground.

@Paul_KD7HB so this would work, right?

But the laser only takes in 12 V at 5A but I am supplying 12V at 30A , won't it be a problem ?
and any idea what is voltage can the Laser module on the top take in cuz I couldn't find any documentation on it?


Why? Your mains supply 200 amps at the meter. but your light bulb only takes 1 amp. Is that a problem? No. Same thing applies to the power supply and your laser.

thanks, @Paul_KD7HB for clarifying that :grinning:

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