LCD Question Printing Strangely

I am trying to use the jyetech DSO 062 educational oscilloscope to display signals I will output from my arduino. This question is regarding the LCD on that board (jyetech forum is not available), but since the problem is one of LCD performance, and I had to put it on myself, I am hoping perhaps someone will see this issue and have some idea where I could've gone wrong.

I put everything together cold (except the LCD, which I soldered in place), plugged it in and it worked. I then soldered all buttons and switches in place, removed the SMT potentiometer for contrast adjustment, and replaced it with something a little easier to interact with. I had to do this because my intention is to mount the scope to a panel. Then I moved the programming headers to be accessible from the top. The new pot adjusts very nicely, I don't suspect that it would be the problem, but I've looked all over the board for an obvious problem and found nothing. Does anyone have any idea what might cause an LCD to behave in this manner?

I would double check the soldering if there is a unwanted bridge somewhere?

That was it. I reheated the solder joints (at top and bottom side) of the header to the LCD in hopes of wicking up and stray solder. The issue is resolved. Thanks!