Lcd screen shows 2 lines of blank squares


im using arduino mega 2560 with ramps v1.4, flashing a laser_marlin code to the arduino, and when i connect everything to the power source, the lcd screen shows nothing! The screen im using is on the images below. But i already tried several versions of the Marlin firmware and have always the same problem with the screen. Could anyone help me or send me a version of the Marlin firmware the works with this screen? Using arduino IDE 1.8.7

configutarion.h code:

Configuration.h (71.8 KB)

OK, so I gather that you have assembled something - whatever it is - and loaded some software and it doesn’t work.

A couple of questions:

  • How do you know anything works if there is no screen display?
  • Have you tried a simple program to display information on the screen?

What screen is it anyway? You show a picture of a control panel with a screen in it. How do you expect us to know what of dozens of screen this might be?