Lcd Smartie on arduino

hello everyone. I’ve done lcd smartie on arduino nano (atmega328) for my PC.
everything seems to be working fine until I open lcd smartie program. all I got is screen full of zeros.
every connection is ok.
tested with 2x16 and 4x20 lcd’s with same result.

project is based on this one:
code is from here:

Had anyone problem like this?

try with this one :)

thanks but this also doesn't work for me. this sketch gives me blank screen, however winamp is detected by arduino because RX led is on along with winamp. examples like hello world etc. are working fine so i assume wiring is correct too.

Are you using 2x16 LCD ?

things to check: baud rate specified in "config.ini" file must match to baud rate in sketch. arduino must connected to pc before you run winamp. check your wiring with provided diagram.

baud rate is 19200 same in config.ini and ssketch. everything conected properly and arduino is connected before winamp. 20x4 and 16x2 gives the same results.

is it possible that arduino is faulty? if is faulty so why everything else is working fine hmm....

okay.. try this:

  1. connect arduino to PC
  2. run arduino IDE
  3. load serial monitor
  4. select baud rate with no line endings...
  5. send j01b
  6. it will display level bar style-2
  7. send k
  8. it will clear display

nothing happens. when i send command as you said RX led flashes for half a second and there is nothing changes on the screen. probably thats why i cant connect to lcd smartie and winamp. another thing is i have to use arduino ide under ubuntu, windows gives me error. Lcd proc doesnt show anything aswel.

problem solved! ftdi chip seems to be faulty. arduino is now connected via modified prolific 2303 usb to ttl device. lcd smartie still doesn't work but winamp plugin from 2nd post is working fine. :)

great :) can you post a photo of your spectrum analyzer?

lcd smartie in my first post show just lcd full of zeroes, now i have screen full of threes.

pics of analyser