hi all

i do not realy now where or what to look for but i can explain it as i have a issue with the LCD how it is showing a Variable.

as many poeple noticed a Var that gets bigger takes more room on a the LCD but i think its strange.

as example how it work now.:
1,2,3,4,5,6,.... 10,20,30 ,100,200 but if you go back it shows 12583, but it should say 12 but the 583 stays on the lcd.
is there a way to let it show like this? like for a INT 00001,00002,00003, 12583

or does someone knows a nice way to use lcd.clear for this?

You could always pad with spaces. If there will be a maximum of 5 digits but you want a 2 digit number then print the number and three spaces.

If you use something like sprintf() to format the number you can get leading zeros easily.