LED Light Strips

I'm new with arduino and I'm having problems hooking up an led light strip to the arduino, and also programming it. Could somebody teach me how to set up the system and help me create a basic program for the lights? Thanks!

Connect the lights via a transistor or MOSFET using an external power source if drawing more than a few hundred mA. Do not connect direct to output pin.

What do you want the lights to do?


What led strips are you using?

What LED strip do you have ?

Have you tried any of the examples in the IDE ? Even the Blink program turns an LED on and off so could be a starting point for you depending on the LED strip being used.

This is what the end of the led strip looks like. It runs on 5v. I just need to know how to hook it up and I want to learn how to program a specific light on the strip to turn on and off

That does not really tell us much about it. Can you provide a link to it ?

I bought it off of ebay and no longer have the link to it. What other information do you need and I may be able to provide it?

If you bought it off Ebay it will be in your purchase history under "My eBay"

What other information ? Well, it appears to have 5 wires attached to it. What are they for, what voltage does it require, what current does it require, are the LEDs addressable or connected in series or parallel. That would help to start with.

As everyone else states.. knowing the LED strip/specs is crucial here..

That being said..

Is it an RGB led strip? (Red, Green, Blue)

From the drawing.. it looks like it might be a NeoPixel (WS2812) led strip.

Runs off +5v (current required depends on how long the strip is/how many leds there are -and- if you are doing color mixing)

Arduino controls it using 1-wire.

Take your (regulated) +5v power source and connect + to the strip (you can NOT power/drive this led strip from the Arduino a separate power source is required... the Arduino just uses the 1-wire to control it)

Make sure the - (GND) conects to BOTH the Arduino & the LED strip..

If you do a search on Adafruit (or google) there is several step by step tutorials..

I believe it is neopixel. It runs off of 5v. How can i hook it up if i cant power it with the arduino board?

The descrpition that i was given says: Dream color ws2812B LED strip , 60LEDs/Meter , ws2812B IC built-into the 5050 lamp.

I have an LED strip, but it's not a neopixel one. Does this site look like it might help?

I have a RadioShack RGB LED strip that I have been able to get working with the Pololu LED Strip library which is a great and simple Library I think. Perhaps that can get you going?

Also, I looked for something like your strip, is this one similar? Since you got it off eBay, there are undoubtedly tons of similar (if not identical) strips available, would you mind posting a link to one if this one isn't similar?

edit: or maybe this strip is more similar?

That website is perfect! Just ordered the female power supply adapter so when that comes in I should be able to get everything going with the help of that website! Thanks!