LGT8F32P upload error

hi !
i have one LGT8F32P LQFP32(Nano3)board with holtek usb/ttl driver ic on it
but after installation this board from board manager
i cant compile and upload my code ? !

now im sending a picture from this error

When you use the Logic Green LGT8F328P clone, then you are on your own.
I remember a few problems on this forum with those. I forgot if it worked in the end, but I don't think so.
Toss it away and buy a official Arduino board or a normal Arduino clone.
Every second you spend on this is wasted time.
Even reading this post is wasting your time :roll_eyes:

thanks for response !

the arduino boards become very expensive here !!!
so im searching for cheap versions

I think you have to install something.

Is a 2 dollar/euros Nano clone with a ATmega328P from Aliexpress available for you ?
The ATmega328P is the most compatible microcontroller for Arduino projects.

What core you use? This

may be better than Larduino.

i have installed holtek driver before !
but i didn't set the baud rate for serial port

this problem solved and setting is like this image !

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