Lift vent 10kg heavy by 100mm

Hi forum! I need to lift a vent for a little greenhouse when a temperature hits certain temperature (flat cover on top that can be lifted on one end). I have an Arduino I got ages ago and also a temp reader.

My question is in your view what's the cheapest mechanism I can use Arduino controlled to loft that vent (10 kilos). I saw a 2017 post here that said to use a servo, but no detailed were provided in the how. Also googled and saw a linear actuator might work (usd 30). Anything else cheaper that would do the job of lifting something 10kg heavy by 50-100mm or so?
Thanks so much! I'm sure I'll come back again to this forum when I give a crack to the Aruino code.
Thanks so much!

Maybe a linear actuator?

Yes a linear actuator is by far the cheapest option. You can even save money by making them yourself.
You will need at least one limit switch to tell when it is closed and then use a simple time delay to open it to the full extent.

10Kg is around 100N ("Newtons"). Many regular size actuators are rated at 1000N, so far more than you need. But many miniature actuators are only rated for less than 50N, so far less. Isn't that always the way with things!

Thanks! I wouldnt know how to make a linear actuator myself, but are you saying that i need a limit switch even if I buy one linear actuator already made? If my starting point is a close vent, cant I just program to open at full lenght (let's say 100mm) and then at a diff temp trigger to close to the initial position?

Sorry the basic question. Dont event know what a limit switch is, but I suppose is a mechanical device that sends and off/on signal when something (the vent) presses it?


That is what search engines are for, other Googles are available.
Yes you need a limit switch, over time any use of timing will drift.

A limit switch is a switch that is pushed down by a moving object. Often micro switches are used.

Some commercial actuators might come with a built in limit switch but those are expensive.

Traditionally, you can use the laws of physics to do this using a wax filled piston.

You could use a counterweight to take part of the load off the actuator, although that will also lower the amount of weight holding the vent closed.

Thanks everyone. I'll buy a linear actuator of 1000N and a limit switch and see how I go. Thank you for the advice!

Built-in Limit Switch: Yes

the device will move from fully open to fully closed.
the built in limit switch will stop at each end.

Have a look at commercial window openers , car windscreen motor and parts worth a look

Thanks for all your comments. I ended up buying a linear actuator and have the project working!
It looks I didn't need the push switch as when actuator reaches the end it doesn't make any noise, so I kind of put a "just in case" code that turns it off after a few seconds (more than the time it takes to fully extend/retract the actuator).
Thanks again

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