Light barrier

I would like to use a light barrier to detect thoroughfares through an entry. The distance is almost 6m, the planned location is outdoor. Which model is recommendable to use with an Arduino?

My garage door safety beam seems to work well in broad daylight, including afternoon direct sunlight. Start with a Google of Garage Door Safety Beam where you get a transmitter and receiver. Next a Google of LASER emitter and LASER detector should give you some results. I have bought several from Amazon and they work in daylight.

Laser Emitter:

LASER Detector:

Just give this a read:


Better use a common IR diode and a 3-pin remote control receiver for a light barrier. Much easier to set up (aim) than a laser. Leo..

Do you need to measure vertically or horizontally? Outdoor or indoors?

I could imagine several sensors like those ones creating a light barrier

Looks like they provide a code in Arduino to copy and paste for any application

Be aware that rain can affect the operation of sensors due to light scattering and absorption