Limit switches on GRBL shield problem


I have a Arduino Uno with a GRBL shield for my CNC. I dont know if anybody other rund this setup as well and may be able to help me.

I am having problems with my end stops.

I tried to only enable $16=1 when I do this the cnc does not move. I then enabled $17=1 and still are not able to move (this is OK since it sais in the manual that you need to home first) I then run the $H command. The cnc first raises the Z, and then the x axis and Y axis run, but the Y axis is really slow and I need to run the home command many times before it actually hit the switch.

But after the machine is home, It stil does not respond when I press any of the arrows on the controller in Grbl Controller.

It sounds like it thinks your end stops are already pressed.

The limit switches (Pins 9, 10, and 11 for X, Y, and Z) are "Active Low". They must be pulled high with a pull-up resistor and grounded with a switch to ground.

Could your Y-axis stepper driver be set for microstepping? That would cause it to move slower. If the configuration you have set says the Y axis should be 16000 steps and the Y axis is microstepping so it takes 8 times that the software might give up after 16000 tiny steps not seeing the limit switch.